Sunday, April 19, 2009

Friday, April 17, 2009

This is my entry in the My Own Two Hands Parade this afternoon:

The entry was called "GOT WORMS?", and I did this to show that you REALLY don't need a car to survive in Sisters, Oregon! I can even go fishing in my canoe only using my bike! I had a great time in the parade, along with several other bikers and kids from all of the Sisters Schools that made masks and great costumes for the event! My entry won the "BEST OF THE SHOW" award from Eurosports! Wow! Was I ever surprised!

Then, later that same day over at Bronco Billy's, there was a great Chili feed and students that participated in the Americana Project performed several of their original works, sang, played instruments, and had a great time at "SOMETHING WILD"! It was very good! Sisters has some awesome talent amongst its young adults!

Sorry that I don't know their names, but here are two of the performers playing an original song:

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