Sunday, October 28, 2012

Life in Boise, Idaho

I'm really enjoying my life here in Boise. I spend a lot of time looking for work, but I also get to enjoy the exciting outdoor adventures that this area has to offer ... hiking, biking, the Boise River Trail system, hot springs and camping. It's fall now, and soon it will be winter, with cooler tempatures and new adventures to discover.

I recently returned from Oregon and from several different tours with Experience Oregon. I hope you are enjoying my photos. I had a wonderful trip with a group of Chinese Professors that are in Eugene and studying at the University of Oregon.

Salt Creek Falls is on Highway 58 near Willamette Pass. It's very amazing, and you can hike right down to the base fo the waterfall.

Crater Lake is so blue ... it doesn't look real!

This may very well have been one of the last warm days of the summer at Crater Lake.

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