Sunday, December 23, 2012

Boise Green Belt Volunteer Patrol

I recently started volunteering with the Boise Police Department on the Green Belt Bike Path. It's a very rewarding experience for me.
This is the cart that I use to patrol the greenbelt. It's called the Red Mule. It's top speed is about 12 miles per hour! In my 5 hour shift, I go from one end of the bike path and nature trail to the other, all within the Boise City Limits, and on both sides of the Boise River (about 8 miles or so on each side). The bike trail is longer than that, but parts of it are in Garden City (not Boise), and other parts are in the county (also not within the Boise City Limits).

Today, under the Broadway Bridge, I removed this Winco shopping cart. It had been near the river's edge for about 3 weeks. I had to cross over a small side channel (about 3 feet wide) by crossing on a log as to not get my feet wet. One of the wheels was bent sideways so it was not easy to push the shopping cart.

In a new park at the East end of the section that we patrol, an out house had been knocked over. I'm not sure if the wind blew it over or if someone pushed it over. I was able to get it back up-right, but it is very dirty and will need to be serviced!

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