Monday, August 25, 2008

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Mt. Ashland to Pilot Peak Trail. 5 miles, 1731 miles total.

Back on the trail today! I decided to hike on from Ashland, after my knee started feeling better and my spirits were raised a bit! I can always come back to ashland in mid-October and finish the part that I missed. I've been told that the snow is usually late in this part of the mountains, and there's always next year!

I stopped at the market to buy some food, and prepared a couple of boxes to mail ahead so I'll more food later. I also downloaded all of my photos to CD's at the Alberton's Market and mailed them home. It's great to have lots of available memory for taking more photos!

The local RVTD city bus doesn't run on Saturdays, so I had to hitch-hike to the market because it was too far to walk! I did the math again, and if I can do 18 miles per day from here, I'll get to Canada by October 1st. That's a lot better that 21 miles per day.

I stopped at the ARCO gas station right by Interstate 5, and a very nice woman was heading South, so she gave me a ride to the Mt. Ashland exit, right near where the trail resumes. For most of the afternoon, though, it seemed like I was headed South rather than North. At times, I wondered if I had made a wrong turn on the trail, but soon, it curved around and headed North again, so I knew I was going the right way.

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