Saturday, January 19, 2008

My New Tour Easy Recumbent Bike

I tried a lot of different bikes for my Southern Tier ride, but none were as good as my new Tour Easy from Easy Rider. The staff at Coventry Bike Works in Portland, Oregon (Sherman and Tom) were outstanding, and they really know recumbents there! I know I made the right choice.
I've taken it on some practice rides, both with the trailer and without the trailer. I think I'm ready to dis-assemble it now and get it ready to ship to Florida. I had just a few last minute accessories to add: a bell, a rear-view mirror, a bike pump, up-graded pedals, and up-graded brake pads. Everything is now ready to roll. Thanks to the staff at South Salem Cycleworks for helping me with my gear.

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Daylyryder said...

Hey there. I just purchased an EZ Sport from Coventry, also for touring. I'm planning a trip down the coast this summer. I'd be interested to know how your tour is going, so will be periodically checking your blog. Good luck, and be safe! My name is David, by the