Saturday, January 19, 2008

Planning My Route

Wow! I can't really believe that I'll be leaving for Orlando in 12 days. There is so much that I need to get done before I head off: Get all my stuff in my apartment packed and carted over to my storage unit, pack up my new Tour Easy Recumbent Bike and ship it to Orlando, along with my Insight Trailer, sell my car (I posted it on Craig's List last night), and get all my financial matter in order. How will I ever get it all done?

I'm not sure which will be more difficult ... the 3,100 miles of biking or the 2,700 miles of hiking. They both will have their challenges and rewards. I'm planning on starting both off slowly, and I'll pick up my pace as my endurance and strength increase from the experience. Someone asked me if I've been training for the trip. To be honest, not as much as I would like to be. This will be a little like "on the job" training. Only time will tell if this will work, and I'm not sure I'd recommend this approach for everyone.

At the same time, I'm determined to keep going. Oh sure, I know there will be days that I'll probably feel like throwing in the towel. And I'll be asking myself "What is the real reason I'm doing this?"

So here are a few of my thoughts: I turned 50 this year, and it's about time I experienced some real adventure. I need to test the limits of my abilities and my survival skills. I'll never do this trip any younger, and I'll never know for sure if I can do it unless I actually get out there and give it a try. It doesn't really matter what your dream is. What matters is your willingness to give it a try and your determination to make it happen. Learn a new language, try a new sport or hobby, go on that trip that you've always wanted to take.

I love this new quote that I heard recently: "Don't let the GOOD things in life keep you from enjoying the GREAT things in life." I was settling for GOOD, and it was keeping me from ever trying to reach GREAT.

I hope this blog will inspire you to dream, to consider the cost of following your dream, and to really understand that time is short ... don't waste any of it.

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