Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Friday July 18, 2008

Sonora Pass to Boulder Lake Trail. 12 miles, 1030 miles total.

It didn't take too long to hitch a ride back to Sonora Pass. It took two rides, but I still didn't have to wait too long.

I was able to mail my bear cannister home today. That's a good thing. Save some weight!

I made it to the trail by noon, ready to start hiking again in my new shoes. I'll take it easy for the first 50 miles or so, until they get broke in a little. The bugs were a little better today.


Old Pick said...

Well, So Far, I was following progress of other hikers on the PCT and came across this story that you ought to include in a more appropriate spot in your blog. It comes from an article in the Sierra Sun, about July 10th. Old Pick

A true trail angel

Gordon Smith, 67, is part of the Pacific Crest Trail community in his own way - not as a hiker, but as a trail angel.

Living out of his beat-up white cargo van, Smith follows the thru-hikers north, meeting them at road crossings and offering food, drinks and rides into town.

Originally from Michigan, Smith said he hiked with his sister his whole life.

"In 1985 my sister, who was diabetic, went on dialysis so she couldn't backpack anymore. She had a friend doing the PCT and we asked if we could tag along, meeting her at road crossings," Smith said. "We did that for 15 years with different hikers on different trails. My sister passed away in November so this is my first year doing it by myself."

Smith said he had surgery earlier in the year, and was put in a retirement home.

"People were there to die - 21 days was all I could take of that," Smith said.

When asked what he does the rest of the year, Smith smiled and his eyes drifted off towards the horizon.

"There's always hikers on the trail," he said.

Stephen Fosdick, 100biketours.com said...

Hey, Old Pick, thanks for including this on the blog. Gordon is terrific, and he is more commonly knonw as the "Gatorade Guy", as he always has a cold bottle available for PCT hikers. I've seen Gordon several times on during my hike, including at the ADZPCTKO at Lake Morena.

So Far

Richard said...

Hi Stephen, Have read every day of your postings. I am 52 and your blog is the inspiration I needed to keep on with my plans to hike the trail next spring...thank you! You mentioned in your 7/18 posting that you mailed your bear cannister home, why is that. I would have thought you would need it even more the further north you get. Let me know when you get a chance and good hiking. Great pictures by the way!


Stephen Fosdick, 100biketours.com said...


Thanks for your note. I wish I knew how many other people were following along, but I can't seem to figure out how to tell.

I sent my bear canister home because you are not "required" to have it anymore, and it does add some weight. I fairly careful with my food, and I don't think that bears will be a big problem going North, or at least I have not heard from other hikers that bears have been a problem. Most people send their bear canisters home once they get out of Yosemite.

I'm off the trail again here at Quincy due to the large number of fires. Some new fires just started in the last couple of days. I'm waiting for a bus to take me to Chester where I can get back on the trail again. I'll try to post some up-dates and some more pictures when I can.

So Far