Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Zero Day, still trying to get back on the PCT.

This is a shot of Hunnington Lake, about 30 miles from VVR.

There was a beautiful sunset, thanks to all the smoke in the air.

It was a great train ride back to Fresno on Amtrak. Made it to Fresno at 11:30 am, and started to hitch-hike back to Vermillion Valley Resort.

After 4 rides, I made it all the way to Hunnington Lake, but couldn't make it to VVR (Edison Lake). I finally decided to start walking to the lake ... it's only 20 miles. What's 20 miles when I'm hiking 2,670 miles to Canada? Finally, a guy came by in an a small truck, and he gave me a ride part of the way up the road. When the road got too rough, though, he decided to turn around. I hiked about 2 more miles, then camped along side the road for the night.

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