Thursday, July 17, 2008

Monday, July 14, 2008

Benson Pass to Kerrick Canyon Creek. 14 miles, 980 miles total.

After the afternoon rain, there was water everywhere! This rock wall had several waterfalls pouring off of it.

I slept warm most of the night. In the morning, my sleeping bag was damp, but not too bad. The first order of business was to find some sunshine to dry everything out. About 80% of everything I had was wet from the rain.

On my way up Seavey Pass, it started to sprinkle, then it really started to rain hard. There was a lot of Lightening and Thunder, too. I stopped under a dry tree for a while, but I could tell that it wouldn't let up. I put on my rain suit and continued to hike because I had to make some distance. I hiked all the way to Kerrick Creek Crossing, but the water was so swift and strong that it was moving small boulders! I decided to make camp on this side of the creek, and wait until morning to try to cross it.

My sleeping bag wasn't wet ... that's a good thing. Everything else was soaked again. I tried to start a fire, but my matches were too damp to light. I found a nice place to put up my tent that wasn't too wet. At least the ground was soft! That will help me to sleep better tonight.

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