Sunday, April 13, 2008

Friday, April 11, 2008

Long Beach, CA to Campo, CA. I'm not counting these miles, so the official mileage is at 3,070 at the start of my hike. Going forward, I'll only record the distance hiked, so remember to always add 3,070 to get my total mileage.

After the ship docked back in Long Beach, my pack was waiting for me at the Port of Entry, so I loaded up my gear, shipped back anything that wasn't necessary for the hike, and left for San Diego. I had to take the light rail train from Long Beach to LA, then Amtrak to San Diego, another light rail train to El Cajon, and finally a rural bus route that took over 1 hour to get out to a very rural town called Campo. After some pictures at the beginning of the trail, right on the California-Mexico border, I started hiking on the Pacific Crest Trail. I made it two miles, but at least I was finally on the trail.

Another hiker, Glen, rode the bus with me, and he's going slow like I am, so I think we might see each other a time or two on this trip. He wanted to stay at the border and start in the morning, so off I went. This is the bus driver that took us to Campo.

I hiked two miles, just past the store in Campo, and set up my tent for the night. It was a little bit windy, but not too bad. I can't believe that I'm finally on the PCT!

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