Friday, April 18, 2008

Monday, April 14, 2008

If you are checking my blog everyday to see if I've made any up-dates, you'll be happy to discover that I actally went back all the way to April 2, 2008, so flip back to see the text that I've added. Sorry to have to jump around, but there aren't always libraries when I need them, and often I only get 1 hour per visit.

Lake Morena Camp Ground to Kitchen Creek Road. 11 miles, 32 miles total.

(Please note that I've started the mileage counter back at zero for the hike, so to get my total miles, remember to add the 3,070 miles from the bike ride from Florida to California.)

I took it really slow today, and I didn't have any problems. The water is better today as well. Wind, Water and Food are the three biggest issues right now.

I found a nice place to camp on a ridge, and I turned in early. It was a little windy, but my new tent is doing well in the wind. I slept pretty good, and was able to get up and get an early start.

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jayson said...

How are you...where are you....waiting on a blog update.
Super busy, rehearsls,auditions,etc,etc,.....
new email address.....shold you ever get to a library....your probably in San Francisco by now...right...hahahaha.
My prayers are with you as you hike the GOD PATH !!
new email..