Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Taking a zero day (no hiking) at Lake Morena today. I'll hitch hike into El Cajon and find my way to a REI store or some other outfitter to get lighter gear.

On the trolley headed for the #25 bus, I saw a large tent that was set up on the top of a building, so I decided to get off and go check it out. I was hoping that they might also have some light camping gear. The store was called "Adventure 16", and the staff there was really awesome! Martha was a valuable resource, and Bryan also helped to pick out some of my new gear. I decided to send about 90% of my stuff back to Oregon and start fresh with lighter gear! All my original gear was old, heavy and in some cases, worn out. It was time to up-grade!

My list of new stuff included a pack, a sleeping bag, and sleeping pad, shoes, socks, long johns, shorts, and a tent. Then, Martha offered to give me a ride back out to Lake Morena (about a 30 minute drive or so), and to take my old stuff to the post office to mail back to Oregon. I can't say enough about how professional, thorough, and they really knew what they were talking about! They saved my life, I'm sure. One more day with my heavy pack would have likely been the end of my hike!

Martha is planning on hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in 2009! Good luck, Martha! If you are in San Diego and you need some great gear, find the Adventure 16 store and find out for yourself just how great these people are!

I wouldn't be surprised if my total pack weight is now 15 pounds lighter! I even sent home my GPS ... I just didn't want anything that was not absolutely necessary.

I was still a little sore, but I put up my new tent and I slept through the night fairly well at the Lake Morena Campground.

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jayson said...

" Well done ,thou good and faithful servant " Matthew

You have completed a grand achievement. Fantastic...Good should be very proud .

Glad you took time out to relax before starting the bike ride...and cruises are very relaxing. Hope you are on your way with lighter gear and no pain.
Its wonderful how God provides great companions along the way...some even feed you steak !!
Wow !! You are on God,s Glowing Path...keep your compass on Him.