Monday, February 18, 2008

Friday, Feb. 15, 2008

Bayou La Batre, AL to Hurley, MS. 34 miles, 692 miles total.

I was doing really great until I blew out one of my trailer tires, twice! After a closer inspection of the tire, I found that it had split from the inside out. Of course, I have extra tires for the front and rear of my bike, but NOT for the trailer. I hobbled back to the TNT Video and Pizza store in Hurley where I met the nicest couple, Cheryl and Jessie, the owners. Not only did they feed me dinner and allow me to set up my tent behind their store, they also gave me a ride about 20 miles away to a Wal-Mart where I could purchase a new tire. I had such a nice time there, talking about their recent trip to Florida. What wonderful people they were, and the food was out of this world. I had the Pulled Pork BBQ dinner, and it was great!

Then for the bad news. When I got up the next moring and started to fix the tire, I discovered that I had purchased the wrong tire, even though I had the old one in my hand! I couldn't believe it!

Saturday, Feb. 16, 2008
Hurley, MS to Larue, MS - 44 miles, 736 total.

Since I had the wrong tire and needed to get back to Wal-Mart, I decided to try and use a small piece of rubber that I had from one of bike lights, placing it on the inside of the tire and under-inflating the tube ... just enough air so it would roll, but not so much that it would try to poke out through the torn tread. It worked for about 4 miles or so. Then there was an Assembly of God Church. Here's what the reader board said:

I thought I'd give it try. The pastor's house was next to the church, and I thought that I'd ask if I could leave my bike and trailer there while I hitch-hiked to Wal-Mart. They were just leaving to return a carpet cleaner to Lowe's, and it was near a different Wal-Mart than the one that Jessie took me to, but that didn't mater. I rode with Paster Bob and his lovely wife about 20 miles the other way, returned the wrong tire for the right one, and was back to my bike within the hour! Thank you Paster Bob!

Once I was on my way, the sky grew dark and stromy, and it felt like it was going to rain really hard, but there were only a few rain drops, and then the sky cleared up. By 3:00 pm, the sky was completely clear and sunny.

I camped in a very remote area near a motorcycle trail in a forest. I knew it was going to be a cool night, but I've been sleeping very warm in my down sleeping bag ... almost too warm in fact.

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