Friday, February 8, 2008

Thursday, Feb. 7, 2008

Ichetucknee, Florida to Lee, Florida - 62 miles. Much cooler today, about 67 degrees and it rained 3 times during the day.

I stopped in Wellborn for my mail, and had this great Philli Cheese Sandwich at the Whistle Stop Cafe. Continued through the countryside to the town of Lee. Stopped at Archie's Dinner for Prime Rib ... I think it was the best Prime Rib I've ever had! I camped at the First Baptist Church for the night. It was really cold, maybe 38 or so! I thought it might rain during the night, but it didn't. That was good. Everything was wet from dew, though, and I got out my stocking cap and my warm gloves for the morning ride.

I've added several photos to some of the earlier posts, so scroll back so you can see them.

Thanks to everyone that have been adding comments. I'm about to be kicked off this computer at the Madison Public Library, but I will respond to your comments soon. I'm hoping to get to Tallahassee tonight.

Note to John ... I don't really have an itenary that I'm following. I just ride until I feel like I've done enough for the day. I'll try to keep to my "mail drop" schedule as best I can, but for the most part, I'll be sticking to the Adventure Cycling Southern Tier route. However, I'm planning on staying on highway 90 all the way to Tallahassee rather than heading south. It will save me a few miles, and I might be able to make it there tonight. Thanks for all your text messages. That's the best way to get a message to me, as I've been able to keep my cell phone charged. I don't always hear it ringing, but the text message will be waiting for me when I check the cell phone.

If anyone wants to send me a text message, send it to my cell phone.


greg said...

I love your blog thru your travels
call if you need anything 503.779.5431

your brother in Christ


jayson said...

Hey're really making tracks...this blog is your joyous reporting...
god is certainly going to take you all the way !!

Jason Archambault said...

Hi Steve,
Small world, I was at Archies this past Thursday night also, saw your bike out front, pretty cool set up you have. Have a safe journey.


Old Pick said...


You are eating too WELL! I am jealous. If you keep this 'Cook's Tour' up, I am going to have to join you! Just kidding. Keep on pumping. I am glad that you still have good weather.

John Rehm

Stephen Fosdick, said...

Jason Archambault, thanks for your comments and for following along on my journey. Archie's was pretty crowded that night, and I didn't see anyone leave the place feeling a little hungry, if you know what I mean! I should have ordered the smaller size, but I didn't think the medium cut was going to be so big! I saved a little room for ice cream!

Another person that was there that night also saw me at the Yellow Pine Restaurant the next morning. I think his name was Tim. He gave me a few other recommendations for my trip.

The food here in Florida has been great, and I'm enjoying the conversation in some of the local eateries!