Monday, February 18, 2008

Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2008

Milton, FL to Pensacola, FL. 32 Miles, 578 Miles total.

It was cold and windy today, mostly a tail wind, that helped. It started out overcast, but no rain. I used the library in the town of Pace to up-date the blog.

An 8 mile section of roadway near Pensacola was the worst of the trip so far. There was road construction going on, and they had ground off the pavement on the bike lane in both directions. The auto lane was good, and they expected bikes to "share the road", but the traffic was heavy and there were a lot of hills, so it was slow going.

I stayed at a motel again, and went to a supermarket to buy dinner supplies rather than eating out. It was over 10 miles to a campground, and it was a little too "urban" to camp beside the road. I'm glad I stopped there for the night.

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