Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Monday, February 11, 2008

Marianna, Florida to De Funiak Springs, Florida - 51 miles, 481 miles total. The weather is comfortable, 70 degrees and not windy at all. I was trying to make it to town, and thought that I'd get a room, but it was dark and I was getting tired, so I camped along the highway about 5 miles from town or so. The road noise and the occasional train kept me awake most of the night. Then, about 6:00 am, just as I was thinking about getting up and getting on the road, a friendly State Highway Patrolman paid me a visit. He said that he saw the reflector on my bike and thought that a car might have veered off the road and into the bushes. He was nice, and didn't even want to see my driver's license or anything. Wished me a safe journey on my way to San Diego.

In Caryville, I was passed by a woman from Germany, named Susan, headed West. We talked for about 20 minutes or so. I tired to keep up with her, but she was traveling very light, with only 3 small bags, and I couldn't keep up with her. I so wish I could lighten my trailer some more! I'm afraid to weigh it ... I'd really rather not know how much it weighs.

She also saw the two guy's from California that I sat at my table at Sage's Cafe. We all enjoyed a slice of Spice Cake, compliments of the cafe!

I ate an enjoyable breakfast in De Funiak Springs, and looked around the town just a bit, then headed on my way West.

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