Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Monday, Feb. 25, 2008

Oberlin, LA to Merryville, LA. 58 miles, 1141 total.

The day started out clear and warm, but it soon turned to clouds and a strong side wind that turned into a head wind for the last 5 miles of the day. They were slow miles! I don't think it will rain, and it's not as muggy as it was last night.

The Adventure Cycling Map says that there is a historical society that runs a museum and allows campers. It was a great place, and people there were very friendly and welcoming! They even had free bottled water! They allowed me to camp on the porch of an old cabin, and they unlocked the bathroom/shower house. What a great place to camp for the night.

A pair of cyclists from Germany, Matthais and Neele, arrived to town shortly after me, so the three of us camped together at the museum. We had a nice visit, and their english was outstanding! They will follow the Southern Tier for a while, but will travel north and end up in San Francisco rather than San Diego. They are planning on seeing some of the National Parks like the Grand Canyon. They said they will end near the 1st of June, so maybe I'll see them again when I'm hiking on the Pacific Crest Trail when they bike West to San Francisco. I hope they will come to Sisters in December, but it might be a long ways to travel from Germany!


Matsonian said...

What an incredible trek. I hope to have the time to read many of your posts. My father (just turning 60) and I are hiking the PCT in July for 30 days as a way of making sure his dreams are met and mine are begun. We are documenting our preparation on matsonianpct.blogspot.com. By the way, may I ask what you are using to post as you do your trip?

Stephen Fosdick, 100biketours.com said...

Matsonian, thanks for your comments. I'm at a public library today, and that's where I usually go up-load photos and add new posts. It would be too much weight to carry a laptop, and my trailer is already too heavy! I'm trying to decide what else I can send home to make it a little less heavy. Once I start the PCT, I'll need to reduce the weight by 200% (I wish!). Hope to see you and your dad on the trail. Good luck to you.