Friday, February 22, 2008

Thursday, Feb. 21, 2008

Norwood, LA to St. Francisville, LA. 29 miles - 935 miles total.

It rained really hard today, again! The rain was warm, but it totally soaked everything ... my sleeping bag, my clothes, and even my envelope full of my receipts. I had to lay them all out on towels so they could dry out! I'm sending most of these home to be filed, not only so I don't have to carry them, but also so they don't get wet again! I also got some large plastic bags to help keep my stuff dry.

I decided to stay in a motel again, just so I could do some wash and have a chance to dry out.

Dinner was great at a place called Oxbow Restaurant.

I also stopped at a couple of Plantations today: Oakley Plantation, where James Audubon did a lot of his early drawings of birds, and the Rosedown Plantation. Both of these were built in the early 1800's.

The top photo is the Oakley Plantation. The next two are the Rosedown Plantation.

I did some math today, and found out that I'm averaging 47 miles per day. At this pace, I'll get to San Diego on about April 7th. I'd like to get there sooner than that, so I'll need to increase my average by about 5 miles extra per day, or 52 miles per day, to get there by April 1st.

I'm surprised that I haven't felt the need to take a zero day yet, although there have been some days that I was being lazy!

St. Francisville had some great older homes and an old church. I stopped at a little coffee shop called "the Bird Man Coffee Shop and Book Store".

This trip is really fun, and I'm meeting a lot of very nice people.

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Hap and Diane said...

Hi Steve from Diane and Hap (couple on the tandem by the ferry)
We were wondering if you had been caught in any of the bad storms. As I was reading your blog, I noticed the comments you made about your mail. What we do is have someone pick up our mail at the post office in our home town on Thursday mornings. He calls us on thursdays, goes through our mail with us and then we tell him where to send it about 4 days ahead. Before we tell him where to send it we call that post office to check hours, and to make sure they will hold it for us. This system has worked great except for Dec. with the christmas rush it took longer. We have learned (the hard way) to factor in holidays and weekends. We try not to have a mail pick up on a Saturday because of the odd hours they are open.
I hope this helps.
Also, what we do for tires is we have a supply of new tires all ready for us at our local dealer in our home town. We always carry a spare (for both) and when we use one we call him and tell him to send it and what post office to send it to.
Good luck! We are in Gainesville planning to take a few days off.
Diane and Hap