Friday, June 6, 2008

Saturday, May 31, 2008

SNF Road 29SO5 to Bird Spring Pass. 25 miles, 634 miles total.

I got an early start today. That was good. Scout and Frodo were serving breakfast at Mile 618

There were a lot of hikers there ... maybe as many as 30. French Toast was being served for breakfast, and they were getting ready to serve pasta for lunch! It was a great treat in the middle of the hot desert hike! This section of the trail had very little shade.

I ended up camping on a 20' wide ledge of a cliff, near a big rock that made a very nice place to cook with my stove. It was windy earlier, but the wind was much calmer when I set up my tent. However, in the night, there was a big gust of wind that caught my tent flap and shot my tent stake into the air like a slingshot! I could hear it hitting rocks, but I could not find it in the morning. This might be a problem unless I can find another tent stake because I only have two of them with me, and I need both of them to keep my tent in place. I even had a large rock on top of it, like I normally do, but it shot out anyway!

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Old Pick said...

I am drooling over all the cool backpacking gear on the fence at mp 618. It is like a backpacking store.

I need to stop following your progress. I can feel myself morphing into a trail angel with a "Cheshire smile"!

Old Pick