Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunday, June 15, 2008 Father's Day

Zero day at Independence, and a side trip to Bishop. Mile 789 on the PCT.

The family in Independence that I stayed with was a very nice family, indeed. The father, Steve, is the manager at the Bishop Airport, and he offered me a ride to Bishop for the day. We made arrangements that if I still needed a ride back to Independence, he would look for me by the Golf Course as he drove back to Independence. If I wasn't standing along the side of the road, it meant that I had already found a ride. Sure enough, I was able to hitch a ride and got back to my tent at about 3:00 pm. or so.

I got a lot done in Bishop, and it was a very nice town. I did some shopping for a few extra items at Vons and another store called "Smart and Final". I think that I actually have too much food, but I have about a 9 day stretch until I reach Vermillion Valley Resort, where I have another box waiting for me.

I also saw a lot of other hikers both in Bishop and in Independence. I still have a box at the Post Office, but it won't be open until about 8:30 am tomorrow.


Gina Acord said...

I just stumbled upon your blog. Good luck to you! Some day I'm gonna hit the PCT! Been a dream of mine for years now.

Jan said...

Steve, it was a pleasure to meet you on Amtrak....thanks for sharing your pictures with me yesterday. Your blogsite is great!

Stephen Fosdick, said...


I'm glad you are enjoying the Blog. It's a lot more difficult to keep it up-to-date now that I'm hiking the PCT ... the chances to get on a computer are further apart than they were when I was on my bike. Keep following the tales from my trek ... it will help you to prepare for your own trek on the trail.

So Far

Stephen Fosdick, said...


Thanks for your note. I had a great time on the train, and I'm looking forward to a relaxing and yet busy time back here in Salem as I wait out some of the California Fires, visit with my family and take care of some necessary business. I had two large boxes of mail that I went through last night. I can't even count the number of credit card offers I've received since I started my trek in February!

It was a lot of fun meeting people and sharing stories and photos of my trek on the train. Good luck to you.

So Far