Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Near Pot Hole Lake to Rae Lakes. 6 miles, 795 miles total.

Today's challange is another tall pass: Glen Pass, at 12,000 feet.I didn't get to pass very early, so the snow was fairly soft, almost too soft. There was a lot of snow still, so it was slow going.

I stopped at the second lake on the other side of the pass, and even though I didn't travel very far, decided to stop early so I could cook a nice hot meal. There was a food storage box, and that was a good thing. I still can't get all my food in my bear vault! I'm trying to eat things that are bulky and heavy early in this stretch so I can force all my food into the bear vault!

There's another big pass tomorrow. In fact, there will be another pass to cross almost everyday day until I get to Vermillion Valley Resort.

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