Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The train ride was great, although I didn't sleep too well in coach. I could have taken a sleeper car, but I didn't want to pay the extra $700! (For $700, I think I could have rented a Limousine to drive me from Fresno to Salem!)

The train didn't leave Fresno until 8:45 pm on Tuesday, so I had enough time to do some laundry, stop at the library to up-load some photos, go to FedEx Kinko's and print off some of my recent photos of the PCT, and get some snacks for the train ride to Salem.

The food on the train was really good, and it was fun to tell stories about my trek and to share some of my photos of Bullfrog Lake with other passengers.

The train was right on time getting to Salem at about 2:30 pm in the afternoon.

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