Sunday, May 11, 2008

Friday, May 9, 2008

Silver Lake Group Camp to just past I-15. 14 miles, 344 miles total.

This is Mendo Rider and his horse, Pemo. They are riding from Campo to Ashland, Oregon. He gave me a ride into the town of Julian several days ago. It was nice to see them again here at Silverwood Lake.

This morning, Mendo made wonderful pancakes for breakfast, and invited me to join him and wife. I couldn't turn them down, you know! That would be rude!

After about 5 hours of hiking, I came to the PCT McDonald's Restaurant. It's about 2 long blocks off the trail just before the trail crosses under Interstate 15 at Cajon Pass.

I hiked about 2 miles past the freeway. I couldn't hear the freeway noise, but there were three sets of railroad tracks right next to the freeway, and you could hear trains all night long going in both directions. I found a nice place to camp under some trees, and that helped to muffle a little of the noise, but I still didn't sleep too well.

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