Sunday, May 4, 2008

Tuesday April 29, 2008

Tahquitz Creek to Saddle Junction. 2 miles, 178 miles total.

Right after I got up, I did a little exploring without my pack, to see if I could find the trail in the daylight. Turns out I was less than 50 yards from the small creek, but I didn't hear it in the night at all. I was able to get all the water I'd need for the day. I was also very close to the trail. It was just too hard to notice in the dark.

After walking about 2 miles, I lost the trail again. It's easy to lose the trail in the snow. Three other hikers were also having trouble finding the trail. We decided to all stay together for safety, and we bush-wacked about 1/2 mile or so. Soon, we found the trail again, so it was very easy from that point on to make it to Saddle Junction. From there, we took the Devil's Slide Trail down to Idyllwild.

On the trail, a very nice hiker named Sleuth. She was staying at a cabin in Idyllwild, and was inviting other hikers to stay there, too. It was a great place, not too far from Humber Park. It was a long hike to the store, but I actually got a ride in both directions, so it didn't matter too much that it was a long ways away.

This is a photo of Seven (Sean) from Phoenix. He was also staying in the same cabin. We've hiked together before, and will likely see each other again down the trail.

I was also able to wash some clothes there and take a warm shower, which I was really needing. We even made a fire in the wood stove. What a great evening!

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