Sunday, May 4, 2008

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Power Lines near I-10 to Old Trout Farm (Wildlife Conservatory). 11 miles, 219 miles total.

I got up early and made a dash for the freeway undercrossing. It wasn't too difficult to find the trail markers once the sun was up. I was about 100 yards off the trail where I made my camp for the night.

After crossing under I-10, I was going to try to go to Cabazon or Banning. I knew that I had not made any postings to this blog, and people were starting to get worried about where I might be. Most of the time, my cell phone doesn't work, either, and I try to keep it turned off during the day to save on the battery.

Not too long later, I met a young couple from Belgium. They call themselves the Belgium Waffles. I stopped to eat breakfast at the Mesa Wind Farm Gate, and a little later went to the wind farm office to get some water. The workers there were very nice, and they had a large stash of bottled water that they make available for hikers. It was nice to get such a warm welcome from them.

These are the wind mills at Mesa Wind Farm.

My next stop was the old trout farm, now called the Wildlife Conservatory, at Whitewater Creek. This was a great place to camp. An older couple there gave me some of their strawberry shortcake, and the place had trees and a nice bathroom. The only thing that would have made this even better than it already was would be showers!

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