Sunday, May 4, 2008

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Nance Canyon Creeklet to Paradise Cafe. 12 miles, 151 miles total.

It was a little windy today. I haven't had to deal with wind much since the bike ride.

During the night, my pillow was still wet, so it wasn't much use. I filtered some water from the creek next to my camp in the morning, but even with the filter, the water had a slight green tint to it. It tasted OK, but it was hard to drink!

I met Leapyear and Wildflower on the trail today.

At the Paradise Cafe where I stopped for lunch, there were two people already eating, so I joined them: LA, a section hiker, and Adrian. After we picked up a couple more hikers and took them to Idyllwild (and we even stopped along the road to Idyllwild and picked up Gabe!), Adrian drove LA and I to Hemmet, where LA had his truck. We spent the night at his cousin's guest house so we could drive to the Kick-Off back at Lake Morena the next day. LA's Cousin, Rob, and his wife, Lisa, were very nice, and we all ate a great Pizza Dinner. I was really glad to be able to stay, and I was glad to be heading to Kick-Off to help Warner Springs Monty with the food.

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