Sunday, May 4, 2008

Monday,. April 21, 2008

Warner Springs Resort to Past Lost Valley. 16 miles, 125 miles total.

I had a nice breakfast with Patrick at the golf course, and then started hiking. When I got the bridge, I turned to the left and proceed on what I knew was the PCT. However, after hiking 2.6 miles I ended up back at the fire station where we left the trail yesterday to get to Warner Springs! I didn't want to hike back 2.6 miles, so I hitched a ride (after about 15 minutes wait) back to where I made the wrong turn.

It's warmer today, and a lot of up-hill, and I'm fairly heavy with a good supply of food (from the mini-mart) and water. I was surprised when I caught up with SloJo and Indiana Red. I never did see Argentina, so he must still be ahead of me.

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