Thursday, March 20, 2008

Catching up with Photos

It's been a while since I've been at a library where I can actually add photos. Rather than going back and editing prior postings, I'll just add some of photos here.

First, I want to show some of the photos of the P.E.T. project that worked on with Ken in San Antonio. I was so impressed with the operation and the work they are doing to make these three wheeled, all-terrain Personal Energy Transportors (or wheelchairs) for people without legs in Mexico and Africa. Ken and I spent a Satruday with a lot of other volunteers cutting wood and steel, painting, routing, sanding, drilling and assembling these PETs at a workshop at an airport.

The PET has a hand-crank on the steering column that allows the rider to use their hands to power the unit from place to place.

I hope you'll take the time to visit their website at and consider making a donation directly to Joe Srubar and his organization. Right now, they are especially in need of a new wood cutting bandsaw. The one they have is on its last leg, so please consider helping them out to get a new one.

This shows the shop area where the wood and steel are cut to size, painted, drilled and assembled.

This is a worthwhiled organization doing some terrific work in San Antonio.

I also visited the Alamo and the River Walk area. It was really nice there, and I had a great time with Ken and Karen. Thanks again for hosting me at your beautiful home!

The sunsets in this part of Texas are incredible.

In Langtry, I met two different Boy Scout Troops that were on their way to Big Bend National Park to go on Canoe Trips.

This photo was taken from my tent while I was camped along US 90. It was the beauty before the big storm. In the night, 40+ mph winds broke my tent pole in two.

This is where I camped in Marathon, TX. It was a very nice RV park, and it was reasonable, too.

I don't know why I'm so surprised, but 7 different times on my trip, I've met people in two different places, often far apart from each other. You may remember the two German riders traveling from Miami to San Francisco: Matthais and Neele. I camped with them in Louisiana, and we rode into Texas together. Well, I met them again, just by chance, here in Alpine, Texas! What a shock. I thought they'd be a long ways ahead of me, but they spent some time in Austin, Texas (and I didn't go there), and they also did some hiking in Big Bend National Park (I didn't do that one, either).

We are going to try and connect one more time, where their route will cross the Pacific Crest Trail in California some time in Mid-May.

Well, it's about time for me to get back on the trail. I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter Holiday with your families. May God Bless you on your journey, just as I'm being blessed by the things I'm seeing and the people that I come in contact with.

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