Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Monday, March 3, 2008

Burton, TX to La Grange, TX. 29 miles, 1,413 miles total. Not too bad, considering that I didn't leave Burton until almost 4:00 pm! The rain finally stopped, and it started to dry out a little, but the wind was still blowing stong and it was now cold, maybe even 45 to 50 degrees. I wanted to make some progress towards San Antonio, and ended up riding until almost 9:45 pm, making it to a Best Western Inn in La Grange. I don't mind riding at night, since I have great flashing tail lights and two white lights in front: one that flashes and a head lamp that I keep on solid so I can see the roadway.

Riding at night, in some ways, might be safer than riding in the daylight. For one thing, there's a lot less traffic. Another great factor is that driver's both coming from behind and coming in the opposite direction can see me from a long ways away. The down side is that if there is going to be a drunk driver, I'd guess there's a high percentage of them that drive after dark. All in all, If felt very safe, but also very cold, riding last night. I was glad to make up the lost mileage due to the rain, though.


jayson said...

Hey steve, Great pictures....I am having a world tour just reading your blog...fantastic...really enjoy it....whereas I have been thru and lived in NY,Ill,Ma,Pa,NJ,Conn,Me,
ind....you are going thru places I,ve never been...love it. The pictures are wonderful and folks have been sooo friendly,helpful and accomadating. I finally got a basket on my bike...Andrew at the Metropolis Bike shop was very impressed to here about your bike tour...I think he would have loved to go with you....I know I would ,if Iwere in shape. What is the name of your bike...he reallly
wants to know. Be warm and dry and cool and full of all that wonderful joy that you soo naturally express. God is indeed preparing each path befor you...go in grace. PS- I am all moved in..
boxes everywhere,,,,cat and dog doing very well.

bacs said...

Hi Steve,
Thanks for all the news about your tour. We enjoy reading about the things you are able to do and see. The food sounds wonderful, & the people are so friendly. The pictures are fabulous, helps us see where you have been. Hopefully the weather will be better for you. Received the check also paid the return postage. Take care & have fun. Love you, Your Parents