Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Friday, March 14, 2008

Del Rio, TX to Comstock, TX. 37 miles, 1764 miles total.

I crossed into Acuna, Mexico today, the border town across from Del Rio. It was a busy place, with people going off to work, going to school, etc. It was dirty, and a lot of building were empty, so things looked very run down. I was glad that I went, but even more glad when I crossed back into the USA.

Vernon Tuck from Smithville, TX had a great suggestion for me. He told me to contact the AA in Del Rio, and find someone there to be my guide. "They'll know where to go and where to avoid, and you'll see more than just the bars!" he said.

After I got back to Del Rio, I stopped at a bike shop and had some more work done to my bike. They did a great job of fixing my trailer hitch so it doesn't rock back and forth all the time like it was before. The only problem, I'm still having issues with my rear brake, and now my rear shifter is also out of sync. I still need to have another bike shop take a look at it. It will be El Paso before I get to a town with a bike shop again.

It was very hot today. 95 degrees or so. I'm camped at the Rodeo Grounds in Comstock. The sheriff was very nice to let me stay there.

The Border Patrol will likely be by here sometime in the night. I'm ready. If I continue at 55 miles per day, I'll arrive in San Diego by April 7, 2008.

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