Thursday, March 13, 2008

Monday, March 10, 2008

San Antonio, TX to Bandera, TX. 38 miles, 1563 miles total.

After a great time staying with Ken and Karen McGinnis, it was finally time to say "Good Bye" and get back on the road again. It rained when I left, and for several more hours!

I rode to Helotes, TX, and stopped at the Soler's Tri Sports Bike Shop and up-dated my blog on their MAC for a couple of hours while it rained really hard! It finally became apparent that it wasn't going to let up, so if I was going to make any progress today, I just had to put on my rain suit and ride in the rain. The afternoon wasn't too bad, and soon the sun came out and started to dry things out a bit.

The section of Texas West of San Antonio is known as Hill Country, and sure enough, there are hills! Low, gentle hills, but hills none the less. I walked up a few, and I also found that Highway 16 is NOT very bike friendly. There was a shoulder for a lot of the way, but often, especially on a long grade, the shoulder went away. I had to walk right on the edge of the land up 3 or 4 hills with heavier traffic than I like. It will be nice to be back on route.

I've decided NOT to go to Kerrville. I'll head West and get back on the route sooner.

I arrived in Bandera, TX at 7:30 pm and with the time change, it was still light out. I camped at a nice RV Park near a river for $15 (including use of the shower house.) I ate dinner at a place called the Old Spanish Trail, where they have saddles for bar stools. My Rib Eye steak was great!

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