Thursday, March 13, 2008

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Utopia, TX to Camp Wood, TX. 43 miles, 1641 miles total.

Nice and warm, sunny and a few cool breezes. Today was dominated with lots of big hills. Some were very tall and long grades that I had to walk up. My trailer is just too heavy to pull when the grade is steep.

The weight of my trailer continues to be an issue. With all my gear, even in my lowest gear, the trailer seems to rock back and forth. This causes my rear tire to go out of alignment, and sometimes my rear brake will rub against the rim. I've had to disconnect my rear brake, so when I'm going 30 mph down the steep hills, all I have to stop is my front brake and my feet! (ala Flintstone style!) There were a few curves marked 10 to 20 mph, so you just hang on and go for it! Part of the day, the road was under construction, so there were parts that were just gravel. That makes for some fun riding.

It started to cloud up this evening. I'm not sure if its going to rain or not, but I've had 3 nice, sunny days in a row, so I wouldn't be surprised if it rained tomorrow. It's about time for another storm.

It's still about 80 miles to Del Rio, so I should be there by Friday evening. I decided to stay at a motel in Camp Wood, just in case it rains during the night.

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