Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Friday, Feb. 29, 2008 - Leap Day

Anderson, TX to Navasota, TX. 13 miles, 1,343 total miles.

My extra day! I forgot that this was leap year, so I get a bonus day that I had not counted on. Sorry to all you salary workers ... you get to donate a day to the company! (More work, same pay)

First for the bad news. I went to the post office first thing. This was my last published "Mail Drop", and at all the failed attempts to get my mail earlier, I knew this was going to be the place where I would find all my mail. NOT TRUE. Nothing had arrived. The post office has failed me! So, to all you kind souls that tried your best to send me mail, it didn't work. It's just too difficult to predict where I'll be a week from now. So, after the post office holds General Delivery mail for 30 days, they send it back to the sender. I don't really know where the two letters are right now, but sooner or later, you'll get it returned, I'm sure.

Now for the mission I have for today: get a new battery and charger for my Canon camera, as my battery had finally died and I can't take any more photos. I had an easy ride to Navasota, TX and I found a nice place to camp in a city park just outside of town. Left the bike there and proceeded to catch a ride to College Station, about 25 miles away (off route). There's a lot of stores there, such as Best Buy, Circuit City, etc., so I'm sure to find what I need there. It was a pretty easy trip, waiting near the Highway 6 on-ramp, two men in a truck stopped and offered me a ride right to Best Buy, which was very close to where they were going.

College Station is also home to Texas A & M University, and the President Bush Library is located there. I didn't take the time to visit either of these, but I could see them from the road I was on. It was a nice, mid-sized town. One that I would enjoy visiting again if I was in a car or a motorhome.

The trip back to Navasota was even easier. You'll remember Justin, the guy back in Anderson buying cheeseburgers. He drove by, noticed that it was me in my bright yellow jacket, and stopped to offer me a ride. I didn't recognize him right off, being he was in work clothes and wearing sun glasses, but he knew right away that it was me. It's a very small world, and God was taking care of me! Justin wasn't going all the way to Navasota, but where he left me, it only took about 10 minutes for another very nice driver, a man in a truck headed home to Houston, to stop and take me the rest of the way back to Navasota.

The local Parks Department in Navasota was having a fund-raising garage sale to raise money for a skate park. I enjoyed talking to the Park's Department workers and others there, and they told me about the City's RV park, very close to where I had left my bike. The RV Park has showers, and for people on a bike, camping in a tent, there's NO CHARGE to stay at the RV Park! Free is a very good price.

Another camper at the RV Park told me about a celebration taking place this weekend in the small town of Washington, TX, to mark Texas Independence Day, March 1st, so I think I'll go there in the morning and see what's there.

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