Thursday, March 27, 2008

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Van Horn, TX to Seirra Blanca, TX. 43 miles, 2094 miles total.

Not as far as I would have liked to go today, but this will have to do. I met Mark (stumpknocker) and Cynthia (Mrs. Gorp) heading from California to Florida. Mark had already started hiking the Appalachian Trail (along the East Coast), when he left the trail to do a coast to coast bike ride. He'll go back where he left off after he gets to Florida, as I understand what he said. I enjoyed talking to them.

Next, I met Mark from Germany. He had so many funny stories to tell. We had a nice time talking, and it gave me a nice break from the wind and the riding. Mark has spent a lot of time on the road, heading East. He spent almost 3 weeks in Silver City. I would have enjoyed spending more time with him listening to his adventure, but I really had to say Good Bye and get back on the road. Who knowns, maybe someday Mark and I will meet again. I'd enjoy going to Europe to do some riding!

I camped near Interstate 10 near a rest area. The sign said "NO TENTS", so I went about 500 yards away, up a dirt road. There was some heavy equipment in a clearing, so I set up my tent there. The equipment provide a bit of a sound break from the freeway, and the train tracks were far enough away that the trains didn't bother me too much. I know they won't be working this weekend, so it shouldn't be a problem to be camped near the road equipment.

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