Friday, March 28, 2008

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Kingston, NM to Silver City, NM. 37 miles, 2,361 miles total.

I got up and starting packing my stuff by 6:00 am. That's very early for me! Larry offered to take me up to the toop of the 8,227 ft summit of Emory Pass as long as we do it early. He needed to be back in time to start working on his Pump House with a few of the local contractors that would be doing some of the work. It would have taken my all day to ride the short distance to the summit, I'm sure.

It was very cold and little windy at the top of the summit, but it was all down hill for the next several miles, and being so early, there wasn't very much traffic at all. I had a great moring of riding.

About 20 miles before the town of Silver City, a woman named Pat stopped to offer me a ride. She past me going the other way shortly before, and wondered if I needed a ride. There were a few hills, and I also felt like I wasn't making my goal for miles, so I decided to accept the ride.

Pat has signed up as a "Warm Shower's Host", so we had a very nice chat as she drove me to Silver City. She took me all the way to the Library. I really appreciated getting the ride.

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