Monday, March 10, 2008

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Another Zero Day, but I'm not complaining! Still in San Antonio, TX.

We went to Helotes Bike Shop to pick up my bike. I was very surprised that it only cost $30, and it is working great now. My rear tire isn't rubbing against my trailer any more, so that's a good thing.

Ken had arranged to go to a near by airport where P.E.T. of San Antonio has a workshop. This neat organization builds "Personal Energy Transport" vehicles for disabled individuals that live in countries like Mexico and Africa where traditional wheelchairs just don't work. We spent the morning, cutting boards, drilling holes, and painting the parts that make up these devices. What a great organization, and it was fun to have the opportunity to work there. You can find out more at The local contact is Joe Srubar, and I was very impressed with this organization. They are in need of a new band saw, for the one they have is not working very well. They are also looking for a new location closer to San Antonio for their shop. This is a very worthwhile project doing a very important job for disabled people in Mexico.

This is the shop where the P.E.T.s are made.

Later in the afternoon, we went to Government Canyon State Management Area. Ken and Karen volunteer at this park as well, and Ken took his bike for a 5.2 mile ride on the trails. I spent the time relaxing and studying my maps for the route that I will take when I leave here on Monday. It was a great day.

Back at the house, Ken and I enjoyed a gathering on the front porch of one of his neighbors, then we went home and enjoyed a nice pizza dinner.

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jayson said...

You are on the road again...sing it like Willie,man...he's really cool....would have been great if he stoped in to the BBQ place. Hope you had a dry day. where are now....Ken an Karen sound like wonderful folk....I hope i can meet them in Dec.
Still unpacking boxes and ,the good part, throwing things away....scaling down,so i can buy more !! Praise the Lord.
Listen for God's is in your ears and lighting your path. See you real soon.