Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Comstock, TX to Dryden, TX. 56 miles. 1820 miles total. Very hot and dry. Some hills, but mostly flat.

I met two different Boy Scout Troops from the San Antonio Area at Langtry. They were on their Spring Break, and were headed for Big Bend National Park to camp and go on a canoe adventure. I sure would have liked to have joined them. Making the detour through Big Bend would add about 200 miles to my bike trek, though, so I'll continue on my way. Their trip sure sounds like fun. I hope the weather holds for them. I'm sure I'll be back this way again someday, and I'll be sure to make the time to go and visit there.

I camped along side the road tonight, but I hope there won't be too much traffic overnight. US 90 seems to be a fairly good road. Mostly 2 lanes with a wide shoulder on each side. The shoulder is a little rough, so when there isn't any traffic, I can move over and ride just to the left of the fog line, and it's usually nice and smooth there. When I see traffic coming, I move back into the shoulder lane until it passes.


jayson said...

Hope you are feeling better...get plenty of rest.....where are you now ?? Good to talk with you...take super good care ...let GOD love you...you are in His arms and care. Jayson

Stephen Fosdick, 100biketours.com said...

Thanks for your message. I'm feeling a lot better today. It was a great day of riding ... not windy, and not so hot. In fact, it started out at 30 degrees this morning. I'd say it's about 78 degrees now. I'm staying in a motel tonight in Alpine, TX, and will get my bike worked on in the morning here in Alpine.

Happy Easter to you. May God bless you and your household.