Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Marathon, TX to Alpine, TX. 31 miles, 1945 miles total.

The RV Park in Marathon had a great little cafe that only sells breakfast, so I had great french toast and enjoyed talking with some of the locals that like to eat there. I packed up my trailer, took a quick shower, and started to head out, only to find that one of my trailer tires went flat again. My pump wasn't working very well, so Don and Margaret helped me with their tire pump. They had a really nice RV, and we talked for almost an hour. They were very nice. I hope I get to see them again!

It was a pleasant day of riding, even though it started out at 30 degrees. It warmed up to about 75 degrees in the afternoon, and the wind was very light. I wanted to get to the bike shop in town before 5:00 pm, so I had to keep at it since I got a late start. That's where I met Matthais ... he rode by with a big cowboy hat on! I went to watch him play ultimate frisbee, and then later a small group of us went to a German Restaurant for a nice dinner.

They were staying with James and Julie, a host on the Warm web site, so I went with them to their house to share some photos of the Pacific Crest Trail. James had hikes the Washington State portion of the PCT two years ago. It was great to see his photos, and I'm really looking forward to being on my hike in just a few weeks now!

Alpine is a very nice town, and I'd like to come back again and spend some time here.


Julie said...

We enjoyed your visit and James really enjoyed sharing PCT tales with you. One of the things that makes Alpine so unique is that you actually get to know the visitors who come through town. Good luck on the rest of your adventure!

jayson said...

Love the pictures.....helps to really visualise your trip for me.....rive walk looks fantastic...Alpine looks like Dry Gulch " kind of bleak and desolate...from the picture.God is riching blessing you on the journey of your dreams....the folks you meet sould soo kind and are certainly blessing them as well. Go with God,man....He is THE NAVIGATOR !!

bacs said...

Hi Steve,
Glad you are felling better. Hope you are only drinking bottled water, that may have been it, if not. Love your pictures. Keep them coming. I see your next time zone on the map...can't believe you have traveled so far. You have made so many friends along the way. . May you continue to have a sage trip. Love you, Your Parents

bacs said...

Hi Steve,
I was having trouble getting on your blog. Tried again today and wala, it worked. Sorry I misspelled safe, just hit the wrong key. Did you get your mail at Alpine? I also sent a card to McNary. Hope the weather is good for you. Love you, Your Parents.

jayson said... b log must be in high gear....what state are you in....I miss the pictures....
write when you can...thanks for the card....hope your Easter was pleasant....mine was,lunch out with a sweet family and Disneyland on well...follow the God Path.